Preserving the Natural Appearance of Cedar


Braecrest makes products from Western Red Cedar - the Thuja plicata. This is a North American tree species, growing from northern California all the way up the west coast to Alaska. Under ideal growing conditions, it can grow to a height of 200 feet with a trunk diameter of (in exceptional cases) up to 16 feet.




The wood is almost always straight-grained, with a uniform but rather coarse texture. Cedar wood comes in a variety of natural colours and in shades. The heartwood is reddish- or pinkish-brown to dull brown, and the sapwood is nearly white.

Cedar Sapwood

Cedar Sapwood

Cedar Heartwood

Cedar Heartwood


Wood naturally weathers and turns grey from outdoor exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunshine. Cedar wood contains natural oils that resist weathering, making it a favorite exterior building material. However, over time, even cedar will weather and will begin to turn a grey colour.


Wood stains can improve weather resistance and preserve the appearance of natural wood colours.

Braecrest's wood products are available with wood stain finishes for maintaining appearance and resisting the aging effects of weather. The wood stains use natural oils and pigments and are biodegradable. The following stain colours have increasing levels of weather protection and are available on all products:

Natrual Wood Stain Colours
Natural Tone
Protection: Good
Cedar Tone
Protection: Better
Redwood Tone
Protection: Best


When cedar is covered with wood stain, you get the following wood stain colour combinations.

Western Red Cedar - Sapwood

Western Red Cedar - Heartwood