The Wren - King of Birds

When developing our bird house line, we came across an interesting bit of folklore:

“The birds held a contest to decide who would be their king. Whoever could fly highest would be awarded the title. Everyone expected the mighty eagle to win and sure enough with his powerful wings he climbed up to a great height, outdoing all the other birds. It seemed that he had won. But as the eagle began to tire and started to come back down, a tiny wren appeared; he had been hiding in the feathers of the eagle's back. He fluttered a few feet higher and the eagle was too weary to stop him. So the wren became the King of the Birds.”

Thus, we named our first bird house the “King’s Cavern”. But it’s not just for wrens - this bird house is meant to suit the nesting habits of small songbirds such as bluebirds and chickadees as well.

For more information about wrens: