How to Order


Braecrest Design accepts orders submitted by mail, telephone and email. Since we also operate outside of regular business hours, ordering by email is often the best way to order during regular business days and week-ends. This also enables us to reply confirming your order without disturbing your household or place of work.

All products are listed and sold in Canadian funds.

Ordering by Email

  1. Open a new email and add the following email "send to" email address:
  2. Put the word "ORDER" in the subject line
  3. Copy and paste the EMAIL ORDER FORM (paste special--> unformatted text ) into your email
  4. Under each UPPER CASE line, add the the requested information.
  5. We will send a reply email to confirm your order..

SOLD TO ADDRESS (Name, Address, City, Province, Postal Code)

SHIP TO ADDRESS (Name, Address, City, Province, Postal Code)

CONTACT INFORMATION (Cell Phone Number, Email Address)



Ordering by Telephone (Not Available during Covid-19 restrictions)

  1. Check our web site for product information (Product code and description)
  2. Call our Telephone number to place your order: (204) 292-3850
  3. If you reach our voice mail, please leave the following information
  4. If your not sure about what your want to order, just describe what your looking for ?
  5. We will return your call to complete or confirm your order

Ordering by mail using our Order Form (Not Available during Covid-19 restrictions)

Select your product, then follow the web link [Order] next to the product listing to show the order form. Print the order form and complete the following parts of the form:

Please contact us for the shipping rate to your "ship to" destination. We will contact you within 1 or 2 business days to provide the shipping cost, calculate any applicable taxes and the total cost of your order, so that you can complete the order form. Please mail the form with payment to:

Braecrest Design
P.O. Box 23
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada  R3V 1L5

Custom Orders

Braecrest welcomes the opportunity to make something unique for a customer - so please, bring it on!

If  you wish to order your product customized with a different finish (or have another idea), please send an email to with the product code, your custom request, and your contact details. We will respond within 1-2 business days with material availability, turnaround estimate and the additional charge for the customization. You may then confirm via email, and follow up by completing the order form (see above) and sending in your payment (see below).  

Braecrest reserves the right to display photos of custom products on its website and to offer variations of these custom originals in its product line at any future date.

Your Payment

We have the following payment options:

Payment will be collected when the item is ready to be delivered or shipped.

Order Processing

All orders are shipped within 2 to 3 business days following receipt of payment. We will contact you immediately if we expect any delays due to material availability.

Shipping Method / Rates

At this time Braecrest ships only to Canadian destinations. We have the following options for shipping Braecrest products:

To keeping shipping costs low for our customers, Braecrest generally uses Canada Post's Regular Parcel Post service. Other carriers and service levels are listed in the following table.



7 days
2 days
5 days
6 days
2 days

With the volatility in shipping rates, it is difficult to estimate shipping costs. If you want to consider express shipping you can use the following carriers' on-line shipping cost calculators:

Please contact us if you have any questions.