Customer Stories

We encourage our customers to contact us with news from their yard or garden!

Squirrel Feeders

Denise Ward wrote this week: "I'm sending along this photo of one of our squirrels enjoying the feeder. We have about 4 or 5 grays and 1 little red squirrel who are regular patrons. We really enjoy seeing them sit on the "porch" area to enjoy the peanuts. The odd bluejay stops by as well, but the squirrels don't seem to mind. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!"

Colin and Denise purchased our Cottage-Style Squirrel Jar Feeder (SQR-003-00-CT). More photos and comments from the Wards are just below.

"This photo shows a better view of how the squirrel feeder appears in our tree. We think the squirrels really enjoy it. The gray squirrels tend to sit on the feeder and eat as many peanuts as they like while our little red one only takes them away to hide or eat in its nest. The red squirrel never stays on the feeder or even in the tree. Here you can see a gray squirrel making its way to the peanut jar." - Denise Ward

Denise thought it would be "nice to think other people might be interested in one if they could see it in action, so to speak. This is a photo of the little red squirrel--it's a very nimble & spry squirrel, and it's not afraid to chase off the grays if they should happen to arrive at the same time. Usually though the grays come throughout the day and the red squirrel uses the feeder in the afternoon, so we've been able to avoid squirrel wars!"

Thanks very much for the photos and stories - keep 'em coming!

Bird Feeders

Click to see larger image Eleanor B. called to say that she spent a sunny Sunday morning having breakfast on her patio. A "little bird" (she wasn't sure of the species) joined her for breakfast, making several trips to her bird feeder. Eleanor was the first Braecrest customer - she has a Wee Glen hopper-style feeder in her back yard.